How To Use A Turntable? Beginner’s Guide

As we know that the playing recorded music through lowering down a needle within grooves on one rotating cylinder or even on a disc has been around for about 100 years in some fashion. However, the turntable in its modern form actually has been used to further play vinyl records for the next of about half a century.

Though, these vinyl records have appreciated a resurgence in the 21st century. And after that, this resurgence has managed to just increased turntable ownership. Furthermore, these turntables basically require a little bit of more interaction and as well as extra care so that they can be operated as compared to an mp3 player or CD player.

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How to use the turntable for the first time?

  • Make sure to lift the dust cover carefully from the turntable.
  • Now, you need to be careful to remove the dust cover straight from the platter
  • Also, you need to be sure that the turntable isn’t spinning
  • Carefully, put the record onto the platter

That’s it… Enjoy the easy setup and double your excitement now with turntable.

How to clean turntable dust cover?

We are showing you some of those popular ways to easily clean turntable dust cover:

  • First, remove, then spray all over the Windex for fingerprints, then simply rinse it via warm water.
  • Second, you can use rubbing alcohol, but don’t rub too harsh or hard.
  • Third, make sure not to wipe a dusty cover at all; you can use (Synthetic Drying Chamois) to easily dry the cover before cleaning.
  • Fourth, you can also take help with a handheld Swiffer duster, this will surely work wonder for any audio components.

How to reduce turntable vibration?

There are some possible ways available for you here by which you can easily reduce turntable vibration:

  1. Normally, you need to try to fill out the equipment profile further or simply ask help via professionals and tell them about your TT, room, rack, and floors.
  2. If you prefer to go behind DIY solutions, then you can use industrial anti-vibration pads below your turntables. They are good enough to reduce the overall vibrations.
  3. Another method would be to go with a very thick bamboo chopping board along with some damping pads as well and place them under the turntable.

How to fix turntable needle?

Well, if you want to fix a turntable needle or maybe wanted to replace the needles, then the first thing you need to is to do a complete “RESEARCH.” Of course, before researching or getting not enough information, you can’t perform anything.

Although, in order to easily replace the needle, you need to follow these below mention steps:

  • Start with unplugging the unit
  • Then, simply unscrew the headshell to remove the turntable needle easily
  • Now, you need to unlock that lever which is in the arm
  • Then, try to fit the new needle very carefully into the place
  • Now, tighten the screws completely back on the side of the tonearm
  • That’s it… don’t forget to test the new needle.

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