How To Set Up A Turntable? Complete Guide

If you want to get the best turntables today, then you have to make sure to check all the nifty features, such as Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy some wireless pairing with your headphone, and as well as USB outputs so that you may become able to rip your vinyls directly to your computer.

However, before going to step up in the turntables, you need to make sure to know exactly how first to set up correctly your turntable, and here in this article, we are going to show you how you can do it:

How to set up a turntable?

  • Firstly, you need to connect all the various parts of your turntable so that you can easily set up together.
  • Secondly, start the procedure by attaching the belt.
  • Third, balance the available tonearm.
  • Fourth, now make sure to adjust the overall tracking weight according to the cartridge manufacturer’s suggestion.
  • That’s it… now you are all ready to enjoy and start playing your favorite records right away…

How to set up turntable receiver and speakers?

There are three simple systems available for you by which you can set up turntable receiver and speakers:

System number 1

In this system number 1, there would be no more built-in available phono preamp. However, the receiver might be having a built-in phono preamp along with an input labeled name “PHONO.” Thus, you need to make sure to simply plug the turntable‘s audio signal cable within the receiver’s phono input.

System number 2

Here, in this system, there has a built-in phono preamp in the turntable. Thus, the receiver itself doesn’t have it. Furthermore, you need to just plug the audio signal cable of the turntable within one of the available receiver’s analog audio inputs.

System number 3

In this system, there would be no built-in phono preamp available in the turntable and the receiver. So, what you have to do is you need to find a separate outboard phono preamp that needs to be connected in-between the receiver and the turntable.

How to check turntable speed?

However, there are many ways to check the speed, and here we are going to show you two simple ways:

  1. You can go and find the relate able mobile apps which are available in the store for free.
  2. Also, go and download strobe discs to check the speed further.

 How to adjust pitch on the turntable?

You can easily adjust the pitch on the turntable while making sure that the belt and as well as all the pulley surfaces would be perfectly clean and clear.

However, this is the first thing which you need to do in a manner to adjust the pitch, make sure to further clean and lube the available every piece of the turntable. It is very important to ensure that everything starts to work perfectly before you do any tweaking.

Cleaning is everything that gives you the easiest ways to adjust or change anything on the turntable.

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