Best Paintball Gun To Buy In 2021 (Top 10 With Buyer’s Guide)

The best paintball gun is also known as a paintball marker is the main piece of paintball equipment in the game of paintball.

Guns use an expanding gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or highly compressed air, to propel the paintballs through its barrel and quickly strike a specified target.

Best Paintball Gun

The word “marker” is originally derived from the original use as its means for forestry personnel to who mark the trees and ranchers to mark the wandering cattle.

The main velocity of the best paintball guns is approximately 90 meters per second. While greater muzzle velocity is achievable, it has been declared unsafe for use on most commercial paintball playfields.

When the paintballs hit the objects at high speed, they have the potential to cause the damage a paintball striking with human epidermis layer, even protected by rubber cloth, may cause bruising or further tissue damage which causes serious skin to wound.

However, the damage depends on the paintball’s speed, its impact angle, whether it breaks, and which part of the body it is going to hit.

Because of the potential for seriously soft tissue damage, paintball players must wear special masks to protect their eyes, mouth, and ears when barrel blocking devices are not stopping the best paintball guns from firing.

The best paintball guns can be explained by the four main components

  • The body
  • Hopper
  • Barrel
  • Gas system or air tank

Paintball guns divided into two main categories regarding mechanism which are following.

  • Mechanical
  • Electropneumatic.

Mechanically operated paintball guns operator using lone mechanical means, and as such do not use any electro-pneumatic solenoids controlled which are used as an electronic board to fire.

The best paintball gun has some unique features which make it reliable and comfortable for a paintball game. And it amuses us by giving us so much pleasure.


1. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun: 250 each

First on our list is none other than Empire Axe 2.0. It is one of the best paintball gun ever made. It is a well-rounded gun, with high accuracy and well pressure.

Best Paintball Gun

This gun is light in weight and easy to use and hold; thus, increasing its effect. It is beneficial when the games run a long time, and you have to present endurance.

The Empire Axe is an electro-pneumatic paintball gun which has multiple firing modes. Now you can choose from the semi, PSP ramps, NXL and millennium ramping. Due to the presence of all these different modes, it has been included in the list of best paintball gun under 500 2021.  

It is considered to be one of the best paintball guns because it includes the technology of anti-chop which prevents you from chopping paints in the marker.

In addition to it, it has those electronic eyes which help in this chopping of paint as well and a soft bolt face which enables the shooting brittle tourney paint.

The bolt can cause some trouble for some players if they prefer speed over other aspects, but the bolt of Empire Axe 2.0 is held in place with one single screw which can a little difficult to get to.

You can use this gun for the long run if you keep cleaning it after every time of usage. Otherwise, it can get stock with paint.

The paintball guns prices vary as they provide a different kind of features. Same is the case here. With the current technology and manufacturing way, it is safe to say that Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun is one of the best paintball guns. Because in such a price range that is below $500, you cannot expect anything better than this.    


Availability of different modes: It has different modes from which you can select your style of shooting and ease into the game.

Prevention of chopping of paint: Anti-chop technology can help with the extra chopping of paint which also helps with the maintenance of it.

Weight: It is light in weight and easy to handle, adds more to the advantages of having this best paintball gun as Empire Axe 2.0.

High fire rate: Electronic loader can aim high fire rates which are very helpful during the consecutive sessions of game firing.   

Reward: it has been named as one of the best paintball gun 2021 because of its new technology and easy to handle during the game.

  • It is very reliable.
  • Light weighted.
  • Easy to hold and grip.
  • It has anti-chop technology.
  • Bolt is difficult.
  • Moderate speed.

2. Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit

Second, on our list, we have placed the Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol. Why it has made into our list of best paintball gun is the reason that it comes fully prepared to handle every situation.

Best Paintball Gun

When you are in the middle of the firing, you would not want to run out ammo. This Tippmann TPX Pistol is loaded with magazines each containing seven balls.

Now, this may be the reason why it is not used as the primary weapon during the gameplay because seven balls are not enough. It is an excellent choice to have when you are out of your main weapon, but you also hold on to your secondary one.

This pistol is one of the best paintball guns because it has a small 12 gram of CO2 tank attached underneath the barrel which is usually attached to the marker.

It helps in shooting as this pistol uses compressed CO2 for shooting. But we all know that 12 gram is not much that is why this kit includes other tanks as well.

The .68 Calibre Paintball pistol is a very innovative design. This best paintball gun starter kit includes a black pistol, a black Tippmann Reversible Holster and 3 Tru-Feed Magazines. The Tru Feed magazines use a straight feed with low tension spring system which allows the players to use a wide variety of paint.

This outstanding manufactured pistol can withstand hot or humid conditions making it one of the best paintball guns under $300.     


Easy access with cartilages:  Cartilages are easy to be removed and reloaded during the gameplay as they normally require you to stop and do the reloading.

Package kit: where this kit includes other accessories like spare cartilages, small CO2 tank available in it for shooting.  

Dependency: It is very dependable as it is not only light in weight, but you can rely on it when you are out of other ammo.

Maintenance: one of the greatest things about having this pistol is that it is easily maintained and customized. This being one of the many reasons which make it one of the best paintball gun.  

Least affected by weather: It is very less affected by different weather conditions whether cold or hot, humid or any other weather condition. The material of the outer body is excellent and well protected.

  • light weighted.
  • easy access with cartilages.
  • very accurate.
  • Its firing range is small.

3. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

The next one in this of best paintball gun is another one from Tippmann, and that is Cronus. Tippmann is one of the most popular brands for paintball guns, and they produce guns and pistols for every level of players such as beginners or moderate or pros.

Best Paintball Gun

Having said that, this gun is very much like the usual paint guns by Tippmann. Their main focus is always on functionality, maintenance, and durability.

The efficiency in the aspects determines the working, and that also defines their popularity. You can say that it is one of the best choices for the best paintball gun for a 13-year-old.

Now, about the manufacturing; the outlook of this Tippmann Cronus is very different and unique. With Tippmann Cronus come to a package which has CO2 gas tank; it comes with 6 cases each with 140 rounds and a container.

This package also includes an anti-haze mask which enables more efficiency on the field which adds to the advantages of being the best paintball gun. It has a rubber grip which is very nice and comfy.

It has a .68 caliber paintball marker which enables clear shooting and marking. It comes with Maddog 20 once of CO2 tank; enough for shooting with some real pressure.

The inclusion of this fantastic gun in the list of best paintball gun is done because it is highly recommended by the pros for the beginners. If you want to buy a paintball gun for starters, then this is the one.  


Amazing performance of the loader: It comes with 200 rounds gravity encourages loader.

The barrel is strong: It has a vertical grasp and strong barrel which always helps in the basic learning of this game.

Materials used in the manufacturing: This piece by Tippmann has the world-class milsim body which is made up of high impact composite materials.

Durability: It has strong staggering durability due to which it can last long if taken proper care.

Affordable Price: one of the best things about it is the affordable price which also makes it the best paintball gun for the money.

  • Very durable.
  • Nice grip because of its leather.
  • An excellent choice for learners.
  • Forehand grip.
  • Extremely reliable paint gun.
  • It is designed for the beginners.

4. Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

The first semi-auto to be included in the list of best paintball gun packages. This Spyder MR100 complete changes the performance of the game with high accuracy and long durability.

Best Paintball Gun

It is made out of such materials with keeps with a gun in a lightweight, making it easy for the players to keep holding on to it. This also has a blowback design which makes it easy when cleaning and maintenance comes.

This paintball gun by Spyder comes with eco valve, stock, and polymer for enhanced grip. The barrel itself is very long, almost 12 inches long but it not only looks good but also adds to the efficiency of the game.

It also has a CO2 tank which consists of 10 ounces due to which this one of the best paintball guns can deliver about 1600 shot. Also, the MR100 is air compressed which makes it more compatible.    


Easy to hold and grip: reason being the weight. It is straightforward to hold because of its lightweight and the material used in manufacturing.

Designing of front grip: the designing includes front grip as well to increase the accuracy while shooting.

Markers are excellent: It is effortless to handle the markers.

Nature of the gun: It is semi-auto, so there is always a chance that you will get to experience the automatically repeating and firing from the gun. No wonder it is included among the best paintball gun.

Style: this MR100 is available in a military style which makes it even more desirable in the market.  

  • High accuracy.
  • Lightweight paintball gun.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Long durability.
  • Moderate level players.
  • Makes noise when it shoots.

5. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

This is perhaps the more advanced paintball gun from Dye Proto Rize maxxed. It comes in 2-piece barrel, and it also has an on and off ASI. Although it is very advanced, it is for the entry level electronic markers.  

Best Paintball Gun

It has four different firing modes. It can be programmed, and it has super-fast eyes. You know very well when you are shooting you want to be fast, and these eyes will provide maximum assistance during the gameplay.


It makes very less noise while shooting: the reason of it producing minimum sound is that it works at 140 PSI low pressure which helps in producing as minimum sound as possible.

Stability has been increased in this gun: it has an amazing compact pad on the regulator which allows in maintaining the great accuracy. Also because it works in low pressure.  

Efficiency is increased due to its amazing design:  it is made in such fashion that it utilizes the gas which surrounds the gun at maximum. It provides more accuracy by saving the air.

  • It makes less noise.
  • Very consistency.
  • Lightweight.
  • Gas efficient.
  • Very durable.
  • Very expensive.
  • Short battery lifespan.

6. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker8

As the name suggests, it is small in size the Empire’s Mini GS marker. It is safely one of the most famous and best paintball guns. It is popular due to its good build components like barrel and body. The gas system has amazing velocity.

Best Paintball Gun

Although it is basically design for beginners but all mid-level players such as moderate level players, they can take as much advantage from it as possible.

The size is very ideal and weight too which is the feature you look for when you are looking at the best paintball gun. Being light in weight only makes it easy for beginners to like and appreciate the game more.   

It has so many different firing modes that you can experiment a lot with them. It has a good grip for holding.

The barrel is made out of aluminum. This thing shoots so fast, and it does not break easily, so it is definitely a must buy if you are looking for the best high-end paint gun for beginners.   


It is like a feather: Empire Mini GS paintball gun has reduced its best paintball gun’s weight so much that it is just like holding a feather. It weighs only 2 pounds.

Special screw design: to maintain the efficiency of the paintball gun, the design has a special screw opening which allows the easy access to cleaning. Thus, maintaining the durability of the gun.

Reduction of friction is made automatically: this gun has a special feature where it is self-lubricating brushing is done to reduce the friction for smooth trigger pull.   

Waterproof housing: being waterproof adds to the numerous advantages of the best paintball gun.   

  • Very accurate.
  • LED indicator installed.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Shoot fast.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Easily removable tank.
  • Small sizes gun.
  • Maintenance is must required.

7. Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Review

This new piece is from Planet Eclipse, and it is named as ETEK5. It is perhaps one of the best paintball guns under $1000. The price itself says a lot about the gun. It is rather beautiful and sleek design.

Best Paintball Gun

Out of the many advantages of having this fantastic best paintball gun, one is the firing speed. It is so amazing and fast that it is considered as a pro level gun.

Another outstanding thing is its marker. If you hold it and look closely, it will feel like an LVI. LVI, as everyone knows, is one of the best models of markers and also very expensive.

It has a Zick 3 bolt line and an 85-150 PSI operating pressure. The gun can comfortably shoot 1000 balls without needing to change or clean the barrel out. Although the paintball gun price is high, it is totally worth to have it in the collection.    


Fire rate is amazing: one of the greatest features if this ETEK5 is that it fires at an amazing rate with almost 20+ BPS which is also very less to be seen.  

The trigger is electric: with the gun having an electric trigger, the pressure or manually operating is somewhat off, and you enjoy your game to the fullest.

Best for speedball game: this type of gun is best for the speedball games where the firing of balls ins counted more and speed matters more.

Weight is ideal: when you are busy in a dangerous situation during the gameplay, its weight provides an additional benefit.

  • Shot quietly.
  • Rapid fire.
  • Attractive design.
  • Very accurate.
  • Low-pressure capacity.
  • For beginners.

8. Planet Eclipse Etha 2

This latest upgrade by the Planet Eclipse is Etha 2, and you can tell about it when you hold it in your hand. The earlier version was made for those people who were on a tight budget, and the materials felt like one too but not this one.

Best Paintball Gun

This new and latest version is one of the best paintball gun in the market, and the reason they are best is that it comes with a variety of features.

The outer material is one of the most durable and reliable ones. The marker is very reliable as it is operating on the Gamma Core technology. While the exterior is rock solid, the interior is made out of aluminum which makes it one of the best paintball gun.

You can take this best paintball gun for self-defense in any kind of environment whether hot or humid or cold, it will give you the best results and not compromise on anything.

It has a very accurate barrel which only adds to the features and expert’s experiences. If you plan to buy this amazing best paintball gun, then we will give you a green signal of go.


Manufacturing Material: The material is much durable and reliable. The outer surface of the paintball gun is rock solid while from inner, it made up of aluminum.

New Operating Technology: This gun works on Gamma Core Technology, the latest tech for operating the gun.

  • Lightweight.
  • High accuracy.
  • Super high speed.
  • Aluminum interior.
  • Very durable.
  • Some kickback while shooting,
  • An expensive item.

9. Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Empire’s sniper has made it in the list because it is one of the greatest and latest creations by it. It is definitely a must buy because it also featured in the list of best pro paintball gun 2021 as well.

Best Paintball Gun

It has a very stylish design, plus point to that. No matter what the conditions are, the result is always as you have hoped for. The Sniper Pump has an auto trigger which increases the rate of firing.

It’s the auto trigger is one of the best as it is often compared with the semi-automatic paintball markers available in the market.

The speed and accuracy are almost unmatchable which also adds to the features any best paintball gun will have. That is why it is often selected and referred by pro- level players as well.

One of the fantastic qualities of this gun is that it can hit at a distance of almost 50 feet and that too very easily. It has a 14 inches barrel which comes with 3-barrel inserts.

The marker is made out of stainless steel, which enhances the performance of its which makes it one of the best paintball gun. The stability of the marker in highly improved due to the material used in its manufacturing. The marker holds special value as it is very light in weight and weighs only 2 pounds.

There is a safety button on the gun which is placed in which way that it is easily accessible. There is absolutely no wonder why this best speedball gun made it into the list of the best paintball gun.  

Now we all know that every paintball gun has its own pros and cons but if you are planning to buy this one then let me assure you, this Sniper Pump by Empire will provide top-notch performance and nothing else as it is one of the best paintball gun.  


Noise less marker: The marker does not make noise during the gameplay which adds to the advantages of having the best paintball gun under500.

Light weighted: It is light weighted and easy to use, and that is why it is very much wanted by all the serious players of this game.  

Maintenance: The durability can be increased with very little maintenance of it which can be done when you clean your best paintball gun.  

The marker is extraordinary: The re-cocking of the marker is very easy. It is kept in such a way to ensure easy gameplay without many interruptions of stopping and changing of the marker during gameplay or after.

  • very accurate.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Firing rate is very high.
  • The ergonomic design.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Marker’s gauge is very fragile.

How to Buy Best Paintball Gun Complete Buyer’s Guide

What are paintball guns?

Paintball guns are the main component or equipment in the game of paintball. It is a gun like structure which usually has a long barrel from where the paintballs usually fire.

It is also referred to as the marker. These markers use expandable gas like CO2 or compressed air to shoot color paintballs. It is usually played in the areas which are sometimes made into forests or ranches. It requires a huge space for easy play.    

Types of Best Paintball Gun

There are three types of paintball guns available, and they are as under;

Pump Paintball Gun

This is the oldest type of paintball gun. They require a manual operation to fire. They typically had to work a shotgun like a pump to cock the marker and chamber the next paintball for each shot.

One of the famous paintball guns of pump style is Empire sniper pump gun which is very reliable, and they make the player to focus a lot on their field skills and firepower and of course accuracy.

Electronic Paintball Gun

These types of guns use batteries to work. They used to be expensive but them not anymore; you can find them to be affordable now. The pulling of the trigger is like you click the mouse button. It makes a very clear sound.

The electronic paintball guns utilize electronic solenoids to fire the marker, and their battery is usually 9 volts.

Mechanical Paintball Gun

A mechanical gun is mechanically activated while electronic guns rely on battery power and a circuit board to fire the bullet. There are also electro-mechanical guns that are a hybrid and have both features in one that these guns have.

The word “marker” is originally derived from the original use as its means for forestry personnel to who mark the trees and ranchers to mark the wandering cattle.

A paintball gun, also known as a paintball marker, a paint gun, a marker, it is the main component of the paintball, it is equipment in the sport of paintball.

The markers use an expanding gas with full pressure, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or highly compressed air, to propel the paintballs through the barrel of the paintball gun and quickly strike the target location or object when the player pulls its trigger the compressed air through the paintball and hit the object.

What should one look before buying the best paintball gun?

  • Pressure controlled: by controlling the pressure one can control the speed of paintball for paintball sports. Fast speed through the ball far away while slow-moving paintball is comfortable for playing in the room or small place.
  • Unique Push Button: as every gun has a trigger for its action. Paintball gun also needs a special and unique quality push button which make the gun’s design attractive and comfortable to use.
  • Multiple Adjustable Firing Modes: a good quality paintball has unique features. One of them is multiple adjustable firing modes. In this user can fire in different modes. One can fire single, burst, and automatic firing by selecting this unique and customizable firing mode.
  • Handle, scopes and other mods: the best paintball gun has a comfortable grip handle and good quality scope for far shooting mode. And other quality features for best functioning.
  • Installation & upgrades: the best paintball gun has an easy installation method and has unique and amazing upgrades which make its users very comfortable while using the paintball gun.
  • Reliable, lightweight: the best paintball gun is very reliable because it is made of good quality material. And people like lightweight paintball guns mostly.

How much the best paintball gun cost?

It can be very hard to understand why a paintball gun like some paintball guns can cost twice as much as another paintballs gun can cost even more.

That’s why we will talk about the costs of different paintball guns, what to expect when you use them, and why their prices are too much different.  

In this particular, we will be comparing Paintball Guns different features and work quality, the principals apply to conventional paintball guns as well, but pricing for Conventional or mechanical paintball guns will be less overall than a paintball gun which has unique material and quality features.  

Specifically, we will extract three classes of best paintball guns which including throw away or budget class, economy class paintball guns, and the premium class paintball guns.

What should you wear before playing with a paintball gun?

Now I want to share is what you will need to get started here is some useful materials. The good news is that if you are at the stage of your project where it is time to trigger the paintballs, you will already have these things on hand

  • Face mask: to completely wrap your face.
  • Paintballs: good quality paintballs in different colors.
  • Paint bucket: useful paint bucket or paintballs bucket.
  • Paintball gun: your favorite paintball gun.
  • Paint strainer: a good quality paint strainer.
  • Safety goggles: for the safety of your eye’s good quality safety goggles.
  • Sprayer tips: an expert quality paintball tip.
  • Test boards: a target or a test board for targeting.
  • Water: water for cleaning.

What are the best brands of a paintball gun?

We have some of the best paintball gun’s brand.

  • Empire Paintballs Axe Marker.
  • Proto Rize MaXXed Paintballs gun Package.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintballs Pistol Starter Kit.
  • Tippmann A5 Paintballs Marker.
  • Planet Eclipses Etha 2 Marker.
  • Empire Paintballs Sniper Pump Marker.
  • Tippmann TMC Mag-Fed paintball Marker.

Frequently asked questions

Do you want an electronic marker or mechanical marker?

Ans: an electronic marker is one which runs on batteries while the other type does not require any kind of electricity to run smoothly.

Electric markers are less noisy and smooth, but they are expensive to purchase and hard to fix if any fault needs fixing. While mechanical is a very noise piece and not that smooth, but they are less expensive, and they are somewhat easy to maintain and fix.    

Are you willing to buy used equipment?

Ans: when you are willing to buy the used equipment regarding the paintball guns, you must make sure that the gun is in the right condition.

When going for the used paintball guns, it is made sure that the owner used to clean and maintain the gun properly otherwise you will spend the money, and it will be of no use as the paint can get stuck in the barrel.  

Are paintball guns accurate?

Ans: yes, they provide accuracy and their accuracy usually depends upon the marker. Some high-end markers are very efficient and provide 100% accuracy. When markers are soft on color balls, they provide more accuracy. Those markers which provide maximum accuracy, they are expensive items.

How dangerous is paintball?

Ans: Paintball is a kind of sport which requires constant movement and sharp and alert senses. The paintballs are very dangerous if they hit you in the eye as it can lead to a particular risk of vision loss and other eye injuries.

Paintballs are very small in size, and they can hit you in the eye which is most dangerous. It can also lead to a certain swell in the body and bruises as well if you don’t play safely.   


So, people, we hope that you like these reviews of our top Best paintball guns. As we understand your struggle and problem of paintballs gun, especially when you are finding a good quality and comfortable paintball gun and worried about its best features. So, these Best paintball guns which go well with your issues and provides you pleasure comfort.

We have gathered these top-rated best paintball guns after searching for almost five days. And finally, we are presenting you these best paintball guns.

These products are user-friendly, and their functions are very beneficiary for young, old and for your child which are bored at home or want some adventure in their room. These all are very useful, and I think these products are very simple to use.

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