Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars To Buy in 2021

To play with paintball, it is one of the most exciting and fun-loving game you can play with your colleagues or friends.

This is one of the best and exhilarating activities that offer you to play together and experience an exciting and interesting game that also gives you the real battle feel.

best paintball gun under 300

However, to play consistently, you need to have the best paintball under 300, and you will get it the one while going through reading the reviews here in this article.

However, to get the best paintball marker under 300, you can spend so much time searching, right? but what if we tell you that we have the most top-rated products here in one roof?

Now, enjoy reading the reviews below and get yourself ready to enjoy the playing time together with your friends and family…

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

One of the good paintball guns under 300, yes, let’s welcome to this latest MagFed which is extremely authentic Milsim Styled Tactical Paintball Marker available in the right market nowadays.

Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars

However, this is the best design Go MagFed that may also look like a traditional loader and offer you to easily get the best quality and material in one awesome package.

Although the TMC paintball gun is really effective in providing you with the fastest experience and as well as it actually comes up with its fully accessorized items to further giving the player more comfortable and unique options for Tactical Games. Whereas, it also provides you with combining functionality so that you can play like never before.


Dual feed option: yes, the gun has made up with the dual feed option, Go MagFed or Traditional Loader and you will be able to further get the best and unique of both worlds and excitement in One Awesome Package.

Semi-Automatic: of course, the gun is completely adjustable enough to make your playing time more enjoyable and acceptable for other players as well. The best paintball gun under 300 also provides you with the function of the adjustable from 250-325 FPS – whereas it may also include (2) 20 Round Spring Driven Magazine.

1 year of manufacturing warranty: yes, that’s the main attraction you can get while purchasing this gun as it will come up with the manufacturer’s warranty of around 1 year.

Very easy to use: yes, it is also very easy to use, and you will learn at your first, and of course, the gun is also suitable for the use of beginners.

  • Customizable, offering you the possibility to easily accessorize it according to your preference
  • Versatile performance
  • Lightweight and very easy to use
  • Boasts of its suitable ergonomics
  • The height adjustment isn’t available.

why should you buy this?

If you are looking for the best and comfortable paintball which you can play all the time without any inconvenience, then choose this one right away. As it is comfortable and affordable at a price.

2. Tippmann A-5 Response Basic Marker

Another amazing best paintball gun that has made with truly delightful and satisfying material to give you the best handling experience for sure. However, this Tippman A-5 has one thing which is its unique integrated bolt system.

Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars

Yes, this system also has a strong, durable aluminum body, which you can find nice and as well as smooth black finish, to give you the best attractive look.

Furthermore, this is the best paintball under 300 to offer you the highly reputable and of course, a trusted brand, Tippman, you will surely enjoy the customizable feature of this product.

Basically, this product is really affordable and perfectly suits all types of scenario play and woodsball. And of course, don’t forget to watch out its high quality driven barrel, that comes with a size of around 8.5-inches.


Semi-automatic design: yes, the gun is built with the semi-automatic design and structure to give you the best adjustments and customization features.

Multiple versatile features: this specific and mindblowing paintball marker that also boasts of giving you its multiple versatile features, and the basic feature is its reinforced cyclone feed system.

All aluminum die-cast receiver: of course, with the help of this material, the gun turns out into the most durable and high-quality paintball gun to give you the right amount of satisfaction and playing time with your friends.

Patented Response Trigger: of course, this new feature is here built inside the gun to further allow you for 15 rounds/second perfection of air-assisted firing. You will love to play with the gun and shot your shoots with terrifying results.

Fully customizable: yes, the gun is actually fully customizable and offer you the best time ever, all thanks to its 200 round wide-mouth hopper.

  • Features a different integrated cyclone feed system
  • Comes with a nice and smooth black finish
  • Fully customizable and better parts.
  • It doesn’t have a comfortable upper body.

why should you buy this?

You should buy this product if you are willing to experience a fully customizable paintball gun. This gun offers you the best features at affordable price rates.

3. Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

Such one of the best and cool paintball guns available right now to give you the feel of real battle with the choice of this best paintball gun under 300.

Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars

However, with the help of this Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump, you would love to see its new and unique pump style, and as well as it will also give you an easy function and yet speedy pumping action.

Furthermore, we actually noticed one thing that this gun is basically capable of maintaining the pumping stability with the help and support of the dual-pump or the cocking rods.

Though such rods are also helpful and supportive enough to give you more support and of course, they create a more smooth and secure feel while you make each pump.


Best and supportive design: of course, there is no doubt to say that the marker is also designed in a way to give you further the feel of excellent and refined performance.

Simple pump design: and the pump design is also very user-friendly, especially for the use of beginners while yet giving the high-quality performance and precision required by most qualified pump players.

Available unique colors: yes, that’s the best thing you can find in the paintball guns, now, choose the best color you want and start playing like never before.

Great ergonomics: we actually love to see the overall design of this paintball marker where the gun has come up including the combined properties along with great ergonomics, and as well as giving you a chance to make it extra easier and comfortable in holding.

Low operating pressure: also, built with the feature of low operating pressure, so that you can have a guarantee and possibility of its preciseness and quietness working feature.

  • Offers you with an easy and speedy action for pumping
  • Gives you a smooth and secure feel
  • Made with a user-friendly design
  • Comes in several unique colors
  • The speed is not good.

why should you buy this?

You will love to use this handy and user-friendly design paintball, and if you are more concerned about the reliability of the gun, then grab this one.

4. Dye Precision Proto Rize Marker Paintball Gun

The best paintball gun for under 300 that actually recommended by many professional players. However, this gun is often recommended to play or use in many fair and as well as legitimate paintball gun activities.

Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars

Although, with the help of the Dye Proto Rize Paintball Marker, you will get some impressive shots and experience while getting the overall performance.

Though, the gun will work perfectly and effectively give you an ideal entry-level paintball marker that actually comes below $300 only.

The paintball gun works well to play such tourney play/tournaments regarding the point that it has 4 modes. You will surely get satisfied while experiencing the smoothness and quietness of its spool valve technology, too.


Straight and speedy performance: of course, there would be no lie to say that this paintball gun actually offers you the ability to shoot straight further and as well as give you speedy performance.

High-quality build material: yes, the paintball gun has made up with the high-quality build material to satisfy your comfort and offering you with the best results for sure. You will love to hold the gun in your hands for a longer time of period.

Spool valve technology: well, yes, with the help of this spool valve technology feature, the design of the paintball gun looks super impressive and unique to hold in the hands. It also shows you the best features to play consistently with your friends.

Well designed clamping feed neck: yes, the overall clamping feed neck design gives you the smooth and secure bolt system, and of course, don’t forget to notice its low psi.

Light in weight superior structure: the paintball gun is really light in weight and provides you with the best and overall comfort. You will surely get impressed with the design quality.

  • Light in weight
  • Super comfortable
  • Highly durable construction
  • Well-designed clamping feed neck
  • The feed neck uses plastic material.

why should you buy this?

You should buy this one because of its lightweight design and super comfortable look that gives you a possible guarantee to hold it in your hands for too long.

5. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

We have actually seen so many people out there who consider that the Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker performs like a legend paintball gun.

Best Paintball Gun Under 300 Dollars

And yes, this is the newest paintball gun that actually filled with exciting features and ultimate way of fun. It actually consists of positive features and benefits.

Next time when you are wondering about which is the best paintball gun under 300, don’t forget to recall the name of this one. This paintball gun/market is also very popular and famous among the higher level of players. It will give you the absolute accuracy and as well as a better design as compared to the previous version.


Battle proven engine: yes, the gun has made with the features like a mini and wrapped battle-proven engine. It will also give you an overall gripping.

Built-in foregrip feature: with the help of this feature, you will find a huge advantage as the gun/marker significantly increases your confidence and as well as provide you with strength.

Many more benefits: of course, the gun may offer you to play while getting some nice benefits.

Simple yet attractive design: well, yes, the design of the gun is very simple but yet very attractive at the same time.

Compact design: yes, the design of the gun/marker is really very compact in size, so that beginners can easily use it without any issue or any difficulty.

  • Gives you a better and comfortable experience
  • Accuracy and control
  • Compact design
  • Best for beginners
  • It needs a battery for the operation.

why should you buy this?

You should buy this product because of its highly versatile performance and as well as its accuracy. The gun will give you the overall best controls and experience.


So, here you have come to an end now of the best paintball gun under 300.

These paintball guns are really impressive and made with better quality material to give you a comfortable, powerful, and of course, a durable experience.

You will enjoy taking part in playing the paintball game while choosing the best gun from this article. So, why are you waiting for? pick up the best gun/marker now and be ready to experience the fun and excitement with your friends.

And of course, don’t forget to share your experience or your favorite product from the list above in our comment section below.

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