Top 11 Best Microwave Ovens 2022

A large variety of microwave is available in the market; the market is flooded with many Chinese brands. Anyone can get confused easily with the number of available choices for an oven. One must know its cooking needs to choose the best one according to their requirement.

As the microwave ovens have become must-have appliances and have to be used again and again, you should be very keen while making a choice. Make sure the oven you are choosing is right according to your kitchen space as there is a wide range of different sizes.

We have delivered reviews of some of the best microwave ovens in 2022 to help you make a choice. All the mentioned microwaves are of high quality and are best within their price range.

Top 11 – Best Microwave Ovens 2022

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS is one of the best microwave ovens in the price range. This is a very simple and basic microwave design, but the performance is very good. This oven features Smart sensor technology that continuously senses the humidity level of the food.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

The control interface is very simple will be completely understood after a few uses. The oven comes with a pre-programmed menu for pizza or Vegetable etc., for optimal cooking results. It is operated on 1100-watt power, and you can choose from 10 power settings for different meals.


Sleek Design: When it comes to the design of Toshiba EM131A5C-BS, it is not too stylish but very sleek and elegant. It will suit almost all kitchen décors with its black stainless-steel finishing.

Average Size: The size of the microwave is 1.2 cubic feet, which is enough for a small family. This will fit in an average size kitchen. The dimension of this product is 20.5 by 17.1. by 12.8 inches.

Smart Sensor: This Toshiba oven features smart sensor technology that constantly tracks the humidity of the food being cooked. This is a noteworthy feature for beginners in that the oven will automatically adjust the heat and temperature.

  • Operate on 1100 Watts
  • Pre-programmed cooking options
  • Child Safety Locks
  • 4 Inches Turntable diameter
  • Not good for too-small kitchens

2. AmazonBaiscs Microwave Oven

The AmazonBasics is one of the budget-friendly ovens you will find in the market. The price tag ranges under $ 60, but the quality is not compromised. The size of this oven is 0.7 cubic feet and operates on 700 watts but works fine.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

The price is very affordable, but it comes with some remarkable features that cannot be found in high-end microwave ovens, such as Alexa Compatibility. If you have got a small kitchen, there could not be any other better choice than this due to its compact size.


Small Size: The size of the oven lies in small ovens categories; it is a 0.7 cubic ft oven. The dimension of this unit is 17.3 x 10.2 x14.1 inches making it one of the most compact microwave ovens.

Alexa App Compatibility: Unlike many expensive ovens, AmazonBasics features Alexa app compatibility. You can ask your device to cook any meal; the oven will automatically adjust the time and the temperature.

Simple Interface: The control interface is very simple, making it easy to use the oven. Even kids can use it efficiently, but if you have got too small children, you can also use a child safety lock.

  • Voice Commands
  • Compact Design
  • Very Affordable Price
  • The turntable diameter is very small

3. LG-NeoChef Microwave Oven

LG is known for years for producing high-quality electric appliances and the same with their microwave ovens. LG NeoChef is considered the best countertop microwave 2022 with its remarkable features.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

LG neo chef has a capacity of 2.0 cubic feet, making it a good option for 6 to 7 members family. It accompanies a removable grill that allows you to cook a larger variety of food. There are several features that cannot be found in other products of its family.


Easy Clean: The interior of the LG NeoChef is coated with an antibacterial coating that resists stains. There is no need to scrub or using washing chemicals; a damp cloth wipe will be enough for cleaning.

Turntable: Unlike most microwaves that use three wheels turntable, LG Neochef comes with six wheels. Its turntable can carry more weight and prevents spilling and tipping, a great feature.

LED LAMP: With 1W LED lamp, you can clearly monitor the food being cooked inside the oven. The lifespan of this LED bulb ranges from 35 to 50 thousand hours, which is quite more than typical oven bulbs.

  • Inverter Technology
  • Operates 1200-Watt power
  • Easy to use
  • Bright LED lamp
  • Comes with only a 1-year warranty

4. Galanz GSWWA16S1SA10 3-in-1 countertop oven

As the market is full of so many Chinese brands, sometimes it can be very hard to select the best and right product that suits your needs. Galanz GSWWA16S1SA10 is one of the top microwaves 2022 with its features and usability.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

This unit is a microwave oven, air fryer, and a convection oven all in one. This feature makes it great for home use, as you can cook a variety of meals in a matter of minutes. The key feature of this oven is discussed as follow:


3 in 1 Appliance: This Galanz microwave is a simple convection oven and an air fryer at the same time. You can also use the combi speed feature to quickly cook within minutes. This feature makes it a space-saving appliance.

Design: If we have a look at its design, the unit is a combination of black surface and stainless steel that gives a stylish look. Its simple design will look beautiful with almost all kitchen decors.

Cooking Power: This microwave oven uses 1000-Watt power; you can expect quick and even cooking with this oven. The oven features ten power levels for cooking all types of food with optimal results.

  • Simple Design
  • 3 in 1 kitchen appliance
  • Cost-effective
  • Different food presets
  • A bit expensive than other products of family

5. Panasonic SN966S Microwave Oven

If you are looking for a large capacity microwave oven, you should have a look at Panasonic SN966S. The interior room space is 2.2 cubic feet making it one of the largest capacity countertop microwaves. It is one of the newest microwaves available in the market.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

This oven uses Inverter technology that allows even heating around the food. The edges are not burnt when defrosting got melting something. The oven features Smart Cooking Settings; the built-in sensor automatically adjusts the temperature and time according to the humidity level of food.


Six wheels Turntable: In typical ovens, the turntable has three wheels, but the Panasonic SN966S comes with a 6-wheel turntable. This feature prevents spilling and tipping and can carry more weight.

Patented Inverter Technology: The Panasonic SN966S comes with inverter technology that helps in even cooking of food and beverages. It also uses less power and time without losing heating performance.

Compact design: When the size of this oven is compared to its interior capacity, it is a very compact designed microwave. It has a 2.2 cubic ft interior enough to put a whole chicken in it.

  • Operates on 1250 Watt
  • Large interior space
  • Inverter Technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Defrosting is inaccurate sometimes

6. Panasonic NN-SN661S Microwave oven

Choosing a microwave oven can be quite challenging as this the most popular kitchen appliance and comes in a large variety. Panasonic NN-SN661S is one of the best compact microwaves with its simple and highly usable features.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

The interior size is 1.2 cubic ft making it a good option for a small family. The size of this unit is also very compact and will fit any small kitchen space. It operates at 1200 watts for quicker heating and cooking. Some features are as follow:


Smart Sensor: The Panasonic NN-SN61S features a built-in sensor that constantly tracks the food’s humidity level. The time and temperature are adjusted accordingly to the sensed data for optimal results.

1200-watts energy: The oven operates on 1200 watts; it is not too much but great for a compact oven like Panasonic NN-SN661S. The food is reheated and cooked evenly in a matter of a few minutes.

Pre-programmed food items: It comes with different presets for different meals such as vegetables, meat or noodles, etc. If you are a beginner, then the Panasonic NN-SN661S will be a great choice with its easy to use interface.

  • Stainless steel design
  • Cooks Evenly and quickly
  • Affordable Price
  • High quality
  • Weak Door Latch

7. Sharp Microwave Oven

If you are hunting for a microwave oven just for reheating or defrosting your food, then the Sharp Countertop microwave oven will be a great choice. It is very quiet when compared to other microwaves.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

The heating is a bit slower than typical microwaves, but what could you expect under the price range of $80. If you have got some budget and need an oven for your family, you have many other choices.


Quiet Operation: All microwave ovens make a buzzing sound when I use them, but the Sharp Microwave oven is very quiet. It will be a good choice for hostellers who do not want to wake their roommates.

Affordable Price: When it comes to the price of this countertop microwave, it is one of the budgeted laptops that you can get in the market. This microwave is not too powerful but worth its value.

Small Size: The size of the Sharp Microwave is very small and will fit any small kitchen easily. The dimension of this unit is 16.10 x 11.50 x 19.10 inches making it a compact microwave oven for tight spaces.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Compact Design
  • Best for reheating and defrosting
  • Not good as a household appliance

8. Panasonic NN-GN68K Microwave Oven

The Panasonic NN-GN68K microwave is considered one of the best countertop ovens 2022 due to its build quality and features.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

It is a versatile oven that can also be used for grilling. It comes with 18 presets for different meals making it easier for you to cook with perfection.

This oven features Smart Sensor technology that continually tracks the food’s humidity level and adjusts time and temperature. The turntable size is 13.4 inches; you can easily use larger dishes with t.


18 presets: Unlike most ovens, it comes with 18 pre-programmed settings for different meals. This is one f the best feature of this unit, making it great for beginners.

Inverter: Panasonic NN-GN68K uses inverter technology, unlike most traditional microwaves. The inverter microwaves heat food evenly without burnt edges around the food.

High-quality: The quality of Panasonic NN-GN68K is also great like other Panasonic products. This unit will last for years, as all material used for its manufacturing is of high quality and is durable.

  • Inverter Technology
  • The cubic capacity of 1.1ft
  • Multifunction Touch control interface
  • Easy to clean
  • The Interior light is not so bright.

9. GE Profile PEB9159SJSS Microwave Oven

GE Profile PEB9159SJSS is a 1000 watt microwave oven and has a capacity of 1.5 cubic ft. This oven is considered one of the best microwave for small families due to its compact size and capacity. It is a microwave oven and a Convection oven at the same time.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

Convection cooking is one of the best features of this oven, ints the price range. It also has a smart sensor that automatically adjusts the time and temperature according to the humidity level of food.


Convection Rack: GE Profile PEB9159SJSS comes with a convection rack that is highly useful for even cooking and baking. This features a great family microwave oven. It helps in cooking food with optimal results.

User-friendly Interface: If you are not an experienced cook, there is no need to worry as the control interface is very basic and simple. This feature makes it a great cooking appliance for beginners.

Simple Design: The design of GE Profile PEB9159SJSS is very simple and will suit almost all types of kitchen decors. The stainless steel material is able to be cleaned easily with just a damp wipe.

  • Compact design
  • Built-in Sensor
  • Touchpad Controls
  • Auto Defrost
  • Does not have a grilling option

10. Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop oven

Oster Microwave oven is one of the most versatile microwave ovens you can get in the market. This oven features convection as well as a grilling option. It is operated at 1500 Watts for quick and even reheating.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

It comes to wit the great cooking capacity, and wit the grill inside it you can cook two meals simultaneously. If you have got a big family, then this microwave oven deserves a chance. Some of the features are discussed below.


Time-Saving: The interior comes with two racks for cooking two meals at once. This not saves time but also save energy cost at the same time. This feature is not even found in expensive microwaves.

Build Quality: When it comes to the quality of this microwave, this unit will last for long years. The stainless-steel design is very durable and strong, and there will be no issue if hit accidentally.

Control interface: The control interface is not very basic but very easy to use. After a few uses, you will be able to use this oven efficiently. The touch control buttons are best as the traditional buttons may get loose after some time.

  • Large Cavity
  • Versatile Unit
  • Operates at 1500W
  • Easy to clean
  • No auto Shut off.

11. Kenmore 70923 Microwave Oven

Kenmore 70923 is a compact microwave oven with a capacity of 0.9 cubic ft. If your kitchen is small than average, then this microwave will be a great choice. It is operated at 900 watts, a great product when compared to its price.

Best Microwave Ovens 2021

It comes with 12 heating presets, a specific time, and the temperature is saved for a variety of meals. Defrosting is also made easy with quick time and weight settings. The touchpad controls are very easy to use, and the display takes it to precision.


9 cubic ft Capacity: The unit is not too big, but the capacity is great when its size is compared. It has a capability of 0.9 cubic ft. The oven can cook a whole family chicken within it without touching the interior walls.

Power Level: This oven can be adjusted to 10 different power levels for cooking different types of meals. Most o oven comes with only 4 or 5 power level settings, but for perfect cooking, more adjustable will be better.

Digital Display: It is not a high-end microwave oven but features a digital display for adjusting time and temperature to a precise level. The display of this oven is clear even in bright light.

  • LED Digital Display
  • Cooks Evenly
  • Express Cooking
  • The turntable is 11.2 inches
  • Quite Heavy

Buying Guide

Microwaves have become a must-have kitchen appliance almost all over the world. A microwave is a great facility to cook and reheat food within the dishes. A microwave oven should be powerful to make sure that the food being cooked is prepared properly.

There are a plethora of things that must be considered before buying a microwave as it can be quite an expensive investment for some people. To choose the top microwave, have a look at fat microwave reviews 2022. We have made this buying guide to help you on how to choose the right product according to your needs.

Types of Oven:

There are three types of microwave ovens, which are discussed follow;

Solo Microwave Oven:  These ovens are entry-level microwaves mostly used for reheating or defrosting food. These ovens use Electromagnetic rays to heat food and beverages.

Grill Microwave Oven: These ovens are the same as solo ones but come with grilling features making them a great choice for families. The price may be higher than solo ovens but worth their value.

Convection Microwave Oven: The convection microwave ovens are almost commercial grade microwave ovens. Along with reheating and cooking, these ovens can also be used for baking.


The size of a microwave is another important thing that must be thought of. The microwave should easily fit into your kitchen space. You will find the countertop ovens with the size ranging from 0.5 cubic ft to 2 cubic feet. Take an approximate measuring of the space where you will keep the oven.


As there are hundreds or thousands of choices available in the market, choosing according to feature is not working. There is high competition between different microwave oven brands, and every company tries to provide the best services.


All the reviewed microwaves are of high quality and have great usability. Different products for different uses have been discussed briefly. But when it comes to talking about the best one, Toshiba EM135AC-BS has all the features that can be expected from a microwave oven, and the price is also affordable.

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