Best Camera For Fashion Blogging To Buy – Top Picks

Today, we are going to review the best camera for fashion blogging. Yes, it is not “vlogging,” but actually about Blogging. Many people got confused when it comes to “vlogging vs. blogging”.

However, both are hell different from each other. In the vlogging, you need to run a channel where you can upload daily videos related to your niche.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

Somewhat, in blogging, you can upload both videos and pictures of various events of your life on your website. So, in this article, we will be going to review about the best camera for fashion blogging.

Learning the art of fashion photography can surely open many successful doors for bloggers/photographers. Whether you’re seeking to start your blog on fashion, you need to get the best camera for fashion blogging.

As in many cases, bloggers need to get the right image with the perfect contrast and other features to enhance the beauty of their images, so, here we are with the best camera for fashion blogging.

However, those bloggers who are still looking to pursue their passion in the field of fashion photography more seriously, then investing in a good camera can give you many fruit-full things. And can easily make your starting career into a successful one.

So, here you will get the top rated seven best camera for fashion blogging along with a helpful guide, that will surely help you in a manner to choose the best camera for according to your needs.



1. Pentax K-70 Weather-Sealed DSLR Camera 

Pentax K-70 is the best blogging camera which comes with the high-quality performance and weather sealed protection, that means you can use the camera in any weather conditions without any hassle.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

Also, it will provide you with the camera sensor of 24.24 megapixels along with its APS-C AA filter-less CMOS sensor that will surely offer you with ISO from 100-204800.

This is the best camera for fashion blogging for you, which is made with the weather-resistant body and dustproof structure allow you to use it anywhere without any difficulty easily. And of course, the camera has built with the shake reduction mechanism, which means you will never go through with blurry or shaking images anymore.

This could be the best camera for fashion blogging for beginners who are just starting their blogging field and want to invest in a low-cost-effective camera to make their fashion category famous.


MEGAPIXELS: the camera offers you with its 24.24 megapixels camera sensor quality which gives you bright and sharp images in the low light feature as well.

VARY-ANGLE LCD: that means you will get LCD with a vary angle tilting feature by which you can easily flip the screen to view easily.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: built-in with the WIFI technology, this camera is the masterpiece for you, which can easily make your life easier.

SHAKE REDUCTION: it has built with the shake reduction mechanism that will prevent the images from shaking effects.

  • High-quality image
  • Noise reduction
  • Shake reduction
  • WIFI
  • Vary angle LCD
  • Night vision
  • The zoom-in feature is really bad.

Why should you buy this?

This is weather-sealed DSLR camera, which is the perfect choice for fashion bloggers, as because they need to suffer from too many places in various weather conditions. So, this camera can help them a lot.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T7i EF-S 18-55 is STM Kit

Canon EOS Rebel, the best camera for fashion photography which will provide you with its 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor quality, that allows you to get the perfect picture with absolute color contrast and originality.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

You will love to use this best camera for fashion blogging, as it will also surprise you with its built-in wireless technology so that your sharing can become easier and more comfortable for you.

The best camera for fashion blogging that especially made for the fashion bloggers who constantly need to click a different kind of images, in day and night, and this camera will let them allow to get the best graphics shots ever, even in the low-light situations.

Also, this Canon EOS Rebel will provide you another feature which is its High-Speed continuous shooting which offers you to get at up to 6.0 fps.

It is a lightweight camera with numerous features so users can use it just the way they want without any hassle or complications.


MEGAPIXEL: offer you with its high-contrast 24.2 megapixels camera sensor that also has a combination with CMOS qualities which gives you brilliant images ever.

DIGIC 7 IMAGE PROCESSOR: which is here to make sure that your images will be coming out steadier and more vibrant in colors and this feature also prevent shaking effects.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: comes with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, and NFC to make your sharing easy and simple.

OPTICAL VIEWFINDER: this will give you more freedom to view the shots before clicking so that you can cover the exact background easily.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact in size
  • Durable performance
  • Good quality images
  • It keeps getting warm.

Why should you buy this?

This is the perfect camera option for all the beginners out there who are seeking to invest in something which can give them long-lasting benefits.

3. Sony A77II Digital SLR Camera with 16-50mm F2.8 Lens

This Sony A77II known to be the fastest shooting camera ever which delivers the fastest shooting of at 12fps as compared to others.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

This really a good camera for blogging that allows you to get the best focus and steady images to those fast-moving objects easily. No more shaking effects and blurriness at all, get the original color results of your every image.

The best camera for fashion blogging that has built with the wireless feature as well, in which you will get the complete access of WIFI and NFC, and of course, with these two main functions, your blogging makes more comfortable and easier for you to share your work instantly.

However, it is also equipped with the most interesting yet famous feature, which is the BIONZ X image processing engine, that will seriously give you high-speed processing capabilities.


MEGAPIXEL: built-in with the powerful yet sharp image quality of a 24.3-megapixel camera sensor that will give you bright results in every move.

NOISE REDUCTION: with its noise-reduction feature, you can able to get the best and steady images even for those fast-moving objects.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: yes, it will also provide you with its WIFI and NFC technology to make your sharing things easier and more comfortable.

MAGNESIUM ALLOY BODY: the outer structure of the camera is pure weather resistant, intuitive button controls, soft dials, double-layered structure, and lightweight body.

  • Weather resistant
  • WIFI and NFC
  • Light in weight
  • Noise reduction
  • Its battery life isn’t good enough.

Why should you buy this?

If you are seeking for the camera which gives you the ultimate features and fastest shooting capability, then this camera is the perfect choice for you.

4. Nikon D610 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera

So, we have chosen this Nikon D610 which is considered the best camera for portrait photography. Do you know why it is best for your photography?

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

Because the camera has come with the feature like a 24.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor, that means you can easily cover the whole background without losing any point. This Nikon D610 is the best choice for you to enhance your photography skills and make your portraits better.

The best camera for fashion blogging that also gives you the 39-point AF system (9 cross-type), do you know what it is for? to make your shots perfect and steady in the frame. The more you have focus points, the more you get sharp and still results.

However, the best camera for fashion photography by which you will get 1080p video resolution to make some high-quality videos as well.


MEGAPIXEL: give you some brilliant 24.3-megapixel camera sensor quality by which you can click sharp and vibrant images for your next fashion task.

LCD SCREEN: the camera has come with the new design of 3.2 inches LCD screen which will help you in a way so that you can view your shots easily.

LOW-LIGHT PERFORMANCE: also built with the low-light performance feature to improve results and maintain the exposure balance.

39 AF POINTS: this will always make sure to provide you with better and still images results.

  • Good for beginners
  • Light in weight
  • Autofocus is good
  • Big LCD screen
  • Low light performance capability
  • It is yet expensive.

Why should you buy this?

Nikon is the best choice for every beginner out there, and this model is a good piece for you to get some original color contrast images for your projects.

5. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 30.4 MP Digital SLR Camera

This one is the best fashion blogger camera, which makes your clicking time so easier and comfortable. You can go for long routes or as well as to traveling with this best camera for fashion blogging by Canon.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

The main attraction about this Canon EOS 5D is that it offers you with its Full-frame CMOS sensor along with 30.4 MP which will further provide you with the brilliant shots ever and of course, high-resolution videos.

The best camera for fashion blogging is also packed with the outstanding features like DIGIC 6+ Image Processor that has come with 61 autofocus points to give you some more accurate photography, burst modes, and as well as the accuracy of autofocus.

However, it will also give you the benefits of recording videos with its 4K video mode that is also fully manual control and offer you with selectable frame rates.


MEGAPIXEL: with the help of its 30.4-megapixel camera sensor quality, you will love to see the clear and sharp results, in the low light situations as well.

FULL FRAME SENSOR: yes, the camera offers you with its full-frame CMOS sensor capability to cover the entire background without any difficulty.

4K VIDEO MODE: with its 4k video mode feature, your videos will be coming out more perfect and crisp-clear quality.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: also offer you with its wireless features of WIFI, NFC, and Bluetooth.

  • Easy to use
  • Manual control
  • Wireless technology
  • 4k video mode
  • Full frame sensor
  • It is a little bit of heavier in weight.

Why should you buy this?

Canon EOS 5D is the best choice for everyone to get some fasting shooting experience with non-stop battery life feature.

6. Nikon D3300 24.2 MP 

With this best fashion blogger camera, you will love to capture outstanding images and crystal-clear videos. It will provide you with the features like its 24.2 MP CMOS DX-format sensor; this sensor is the responsible feature which gives you the sharp and clear images of every click.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

Also, the camera has manufactured with low-light performance capability to which you can easily capture pictures in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the best camera for fashion bloggers allow you to get the powerful experience of 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode to make their clicking time easier and more comfortable, especially at the time of travel.

Thus, you will also love to experience with the new feature of this best camera for fashion blogger which is 11 AF points with 3D tracking; this system will give you all the importance to get steady and accurate images of fast-moving objects.


MEGAPIXEL: enjoy some high-quality images result with the help of 24.2-megapixel camera sensor feature which enables the actual real color in your photographs.

CONTINUOUS SHOOTING: with this continuous shooting mode, you will be able to get five frames per second to save your time.

3D TRACKING: yes, this is a new feature which has come with 11 AF points to make you’re still images better and shaking-free.

OPTICAL ZOOM: offer you with its 3x optical zoom feature by which you can capture far distance shots easily without going too near.

  • Very easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Various modes
  • Zoom is good
  • The battery drains too fast.

Why should you buy this?

If you are more interested in the performance and lightweight body, then this camera can become your best companion in the field of blogging.

7. Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body

We love this best fashion blogging camera which has made with the strong material and filled with the most useful features ever.

Best Camera For Fashion Blogging

At first, the Nikon D750 offers you with Full frame 24.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor ability which allows you to capture the entire background with better lightening and focus. Then, with its EXPEED 4 image processor, you can experience the fast shooting ever.

The best camera for fashion blogging promised to offer you with its Full HD 60/50/30/25/24p video modes so that you can easily capture the videos according to your specific quality mode.

Nikon D750 is very easy to use and especially has made with intuitive controls so that beginners can also use it comfortably.

However, this best camera for fashion blogging also gives you its wireless feature, in which you will get the fast-connecting Built-in Wi-Fi system that will make your sharing so easier.


MEGAPIXEL: built-in with a 24.3-megapixel CMOS sensor quality system which delivers such high immense graphics and awesome picture quality.

TILTING SCREEN: with the help of its tilting LCD screen ability, you can move the screen to any angle you want for the perfect clicks.

WIFI: comes with built-in WIFI feature that is super strong and connect easily to share your work without any need of laptops or PCs.

FULL HD VIDEO: with this mode, your videos can turn out super classic and accurate in color contrast.

  • Built-in WIFI
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • FULL HD video mode
  • Light in weight
  • The manufacturing quality isn’t good.

Why should you buy this?

You should buy this camera because of its high-performance features and built-in WIFI system which can allow you to share things at the spot easily.

Buyer Guide

How to start a fashion blog?

If you are a beginner and want to learn to make your fashion blog, then below, you can see some useful tips which will help you to start your fashion blog:

  • Find your specific niche
  • Give an attractive name to your blog
  • Now, you need to buy a domain (you can easily find the one under the amount of $10)
  • It is better to hire a web designer, who will further transform your blog to provide more attraction to your visitors.
  • High-quality photography is really important, try to get the best camera for fashion blogging
  • Set your goals and perform on it daily,
  • Promote your brand through different social platforms like Facebook and Instagram,
  • Once you have done to create your blog, try to upload pictures and content regularly to entertain your visitors.

That’s it. To make your fashion blog is a very simple thing and if you don’t’ want to invest a single penny on your blog, then try to create a one from “”

How to become a fashion blogger?

We have seen so many people who are constantly asking us how to be a fashion blogger? Or how can we make our blog on fashion category only? Then here you with the answers:

  • Always stay true to yourself, you don’t need to worry about the trends, go with things you care about.
  • Consistency is very important, don’t lose hope, stay focused on your work, and keep sharing your work.
  • Before making a blog, try to get the best camera for fashion blogging (you can choose one from the above reviews).
  • Fashion is all about uniqueness, comfortable outfits, and colors.
  • Once you have done to create a free blog, make sure to write details in the “About Me” section.
  • Your visitors may first visit that “About me” page, so try to write down everything in an interesting way.
  • Keep uploading new trends, and as well as, some previous years trends.
  • Take pictures with the best camera for fashion blogging, because you need clear pictures with more originality.
  • Try to keep the camera which offers you with wireless technology so that you can share your work immediately.
  • And of course, the long-lasting battery is also very important for the camera.

Anyone can become a fashion blogger; it just needs two simple things “Consistency” and “Focused.” You need to stay consistent over your work and put more focus at the time of clicking. Create your fashion blog and show your passion and capabilities to the entire world.


To choose the best camera for fashion, blogging is important in photography. So, that’s why we have listed the top-rated cameras above, now choose the best one for yourself and don’t forget to share your reviews with us in our comment section below.


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