A $1500 Innovative Writing Scholarship

For many college students, financial assistance is the most important need to make it through the graduation day, and especially those who are planning an expensive career that demands many years of education other than the undergraduate level.

The best financial assistance is currently are scholarships because they haven’t come up with something else. Scholarships offer a lot of unique benefits and are the most ideal form of financial aid.

In addition to this, many students are admitted or given scholarships due to their high merits or are rewarded with scholarships for certain achievements. Just like grants, you don’t have to repay scholarships, but grants are mostly need-based, so scholarships are more important and can add an extra bonus to your resume and at the same time, pay for your education.

The Benefits of a Traditional Scholarship

Today, education is known to be the most expensive and essential asset. Varieties of different high schools provide their best students with scholarship pass outs and provide them with financial ease to pursue their dreams.

The reason behind this is that, as mentioned above, scholarships don’t require pay-offs. If you are deserving, then you will receive scholarships according to your merit. This is the main reason why scholarships are important and provide a great bonus to your resume.

So, if you are a college/university student, then you must apply for a scholarship because it offers you a number of amazing benefits.

  • Protects your from Debt

There are a lot of students who graduate from colleges with giant loans. The main reason that gets you down in terms of getting a good education is not having enough money.

In addition to this, immense pressure builds up on your shoulders because you have to search for a good job and live with what you have gained from your school. But, with a scholarship, things can really take a positive turn.

As mentioned in the beginning, a scholarship is free of cost, so you don’t have to stress about losing your money. A scholarship lets you reach your dreams with full motivation and support. It helps you empower your career and academic goals by removing financial barriers.

  • A sudden boast in Performance

A scholarship is like a power fuel; it immediately boosts your power levels and enhances your performance levels. Furthermore, a scholarship eliminates all of your financial problems.

In addition to this, you can focus on your studies, secure better grades, and gain good knowledge. You will also get ample time to search for other opportunities related to your knowledge and skills.

  • Provides an Enhanced Career Advantage

Of course, it is a big deal to achieve a scholarship, as the world of scholarships is very competitive, and not every person gets it. Only those who deserve and have good grades can get the advantage of a scholarship.

With that being said, you get a scholarship based on your merits, and that leaves a wonderful impact on your future job options. So, a scholarship title on your resume will take you anywhere you want.

There are some competitive scholarships that can lead you to white-collar jobs. In addition to this, scholarships make you stand out.

Since scholarships are so famous among the majority of students, you must search for universities and colleges that offer nice scholarship programs. Gather information about all of them and apply for the one that suits your needs.

Just like how you expect some things from a scholarship, the scholarship providers also demand some skills from you, so you must be able to fulfill their scholarship eligibility criterion if you really want the scholarship and put your best into it.

What is meant by “Writing Scholarships”?

Writing scholarships are meant for those worthy students who are willing to polish their writing skills. This kind of scholarship is very unique and helps students to excel in many writing-based jobs.

The scholarships available by us are for students from all levels, such as postgraduate, undergraduate, college, and graduates. According to us, words have the ability to deliver powerful perceptions of ideas that you have contained inside your head.

The Eligibility Criteria

There is no perplexing criterion to get hold of writing scholarships. We wish to know the creative and potential sides of students and for this very reason, we present very basic criteria.

So, here is our simple criterion for writing scholarships:

  • The participant must have a bit of experience in internet marketing.
  • A GPA of 2.8 is required to be a part of this program.
  • A student must be admitted to a College/University for the 2019-2020 sessions.

What is the Program About?

In order to top the scholarship, we demand a 5,000 essay on a specific title which will be informed to you.

That’s right; we want to know everything about the title of the essay we’ve given you, each and every detail. It is essential for you not to miss out anything, as you have to enter all of your experiences in the essay.

You must keep in mind that spinning and plagiarism is not allowed in the content.

The Pros of a Scholarship

There are so many benefits you can achieve with this writing scholarship. So, let’s discuss the various pros of getting this scholarship.

  • First things first, a $1500 check for the winner.
  • The prize will be directly delivered to the Financial Aid Office of your college, university, school.
  • All the winners of the scholarship will be picked after a rational and critical analysis of how the content has been covered and which student deserves the scholarship more.
  • The scholarship adds a bonus to your resume.

How to Deliver your Content

When you are done writing the masterpiece, you will have to submit it.

The content has to be submitted at submit@letmebest.com

While submitting, we will demand some information about you, which includes:

  • Your Full Name
  • Email Address
  • University or College you are admitted in
  • Content/Essay File

The Submission Deadline

The last date for submitting your content is March 31st, 2020. In addition to this, the winner of the scholarship will be notified individually via email.

The winner will receive the message a month after the submission. However, you must keep in mind that this scholarship program is released every year to help creative students excel in their abilities.